West End Games Chucks Its System Out There

…as opposed to chucking it out. Which, as a system, it doesn’t deserve. No it doesn’t. Anyway, WEG/D6Legend has announced that its D6 system is available under a cheap, not free, license. When Allan heard this he of course got excited about Torg, but it looks like their “non-licensed worlds” are currently not subject to this specific deal, although final word is forthcoming. The price of a copy of a page-layout program, plus a royalty – if I were starting up an RPG company, I’d certainly consider that a fair price for a system as robust and fun as D6. And I’m sure WEG would like to get more licensing money coming in, rather than watching it all flow out to DC and Metabarons. The moral: don’t assume that a WEG move is desperate, just because it’s WEG that’s making it.