SJ Games Launching Online d20 Magazine

While the WotC contest extension Greg mentioned surprises no one, this caught me slightly off guard: tomorrow, Steve Jackson Games is launching an online d20 magazine. Along the same lines as Pyramid, the weekly online publication, aptly titled d20 Weekly, will be edited by former Dragon Magazine editor Dale Donovan with assistance from Pyramid editor Steven Marsh and crew. d20 Weekly will feature “news and reviews, advance material from lots of different publishers, ‘how-to’ articles, and lots of characters, gadgets, magic items, and situations.” The magazine will post new reviews and articles every Wednesday.

The online magazine will reside at, and curious types can check out the first four issues for free. Issue one will also have a Cave Dweller lurking within, as our own Joe Kushner provides a pair of reviews. After the first four issues, everyone can subscribe for $20/year. Have a look when the magazine goes live tomorrow.