Origins 2002: Books Are Intimidating

More random bits:

  • Chronopia is coming back into print. When I first started looking into miniatures games, some friends recommended Chronopia as a good, fast and fun set of rules – but it was out of print. But lo, I have seen a printer’s proof of the “five old books” compiled into a suitably thick and intimidating tome in the manner of the Warhammer rulebooks. But here’s the interesting bit: there will be Chronopia rules released for a wide variety of the models in WotC’s Chainmail line, if not all of them. A great way to salvage a dying game line, if it turns out to be legal…
  • Eden Studios has Liber Bestarium here at the show. It’s a great cover, it looks nice and nicely executed, but I didn’t see any earth-shattering concepts inside that would make someone scream “I need this in addition to all the other Monster Manual renditions I own.” Or I guess they wouldn’t scream that in any case, as it’s a little wordy.