Origins 2002: Hey, I Found Some More News Under This Cowboy Hat

To wit:

  • Green Ronin has Hammer and Helm and the two Pocket Grimoires at the show. Hammer and Helm, a tasty-looking dwarf sourcebook, is the first book with the OGL Interlink logo. Chris explained this to me as a selling point – gamers will like knowing that this book is slightly less likely to be duplicated by three other game companies. There are really only two companies in on the pact right now, though. The PGs, Pocket Grimoire Arcane and Pocket Grimoire Divine if I remember correctly, are indeed 100% OGL content. The introduction states that most companies who heard about the project were enthusiastic. The GR crew has my formal permission to keep on rocking.
  • I sat down and played Gregory Horror Show at the Upper Deck booth. It’s fun, although it seems like an isolationist race until you get a couple games under your belt. That’s in 2-player, that is. With three and four, it should really come alive – and yes, the $15 starter contains everything that two to four need to play quite comfortably. The boosters have more minis for wandering monsters, and you could always just use tokens for those. The minis, however, are very funny and of astounding quality. We will try to have a more complete review of this thing, but it looks like a great quickie.
  • Um, um, what else… WizKids is running copious amounts of MechWarrior and appear to have the full line of minis on display under one of those damned no-photos signs. I will try to get a game of MW in tomorrow. I also want to catch a look at ‘ Fightball, which is still in preview. And Privateer pushed War Machine back to the end of October, which they might have announced already.