Starcluster RPG Ready to Ship

Flying Mice Games has announced that their game Starcluster is ready to ship. Flying Mice has been developing Starcluster for three years and as the game hits the streets, the core rules, three supplements and a full adventure are available.  This is the way games ought to be released: fully realized. Who wants to pay $40.00 for a rule book and then wait six months for the first supplement (anyone hear Wheel of Time?).

Cookie Fu is on its way to Press
Blue Kabuto is proud to announce that their game Cookie Fu is on its way to the printers. In the fine tradition of Walt Disney/George Lucas marketing, you can go to their CafePress store and buy all manner of Cookie Fu merchandise. So if you are in the market for a new wall clock…check it out. If you want the game come check it out at GenCon 2002.

Metal Bound Judge Dredd RPG Released-Danzig Rejoices!
If you go check out the 2000AD page you can get a look at the coolest thing I have seen in some time. There are pictures of the new $145.00 Limited Edition Judge Dredd Hardback. Bound in Metal only 200 are being pressed. Order them while you can. As I said before…Danzig Rejoices!