Celtos Core Rule Book from I-Core Ready to Ship

The new fantasy miniatures game from i-Kore is back from the printer and ready to ship.  Celtos is a table top fantasy miniatures game published by i-Kore who has not had nay of their vans stolen recently.  If you check out the i-Kore site you can see some great new shots of the art.

New Badge for HackMaster
Straight from their Game of the Year award at Origins, Kenzer and Company has announced that from now on new editions of HackMaster will be gussied up with their Game of the Year medal.  Kenzer and Company president David Kenzer said. “We are honored to have received this recognition from our peers and from our fans for all our work on HackMaster,…Why it took everyone four firkin’ editions to figure that out is beyond me, but better late than never, I guess.”