Can Dave Arneson Whoop the Tar out of Elizabeth Danforth?

Well the new Origins Metagame from Flying Buffalo seeks to settle that dispute (the real question is can Dave Arneson whoop Gary Gygax, but alas there is no Gygax card in the deck).  Origins Metagame is a card game featuring some of the famous games and people connected with Origins.  Cards feature such people as Mike Stackpole, Ken St. Andre (Tunnels and Trolls) and the legendary Grimtooth.  Call of Cthulhu and HackMaster are among the games featured.  Two things make this card game unique.  First, it is not collectable.  The same number of each card have been printed, so there is no searching for rare cards.  Second, you can increase a card’s power by getting it autographed.  That’s right.  Take these cards to your local convention (or cyberstalk designers to their homes) and get the cards signed. You can buy the cards at There will only be one printing of the first set, so get them now. By the way…I think Liz can take Dave any day.

First Ever Pokemon World Championship
On August 3rd Seattle, Washington will host the first Pokemon World Championship at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center Hall.  Players from around the word, who have earned the right and been invited, will be playing for bragging rights (if there are any to be had in Pokemon).  You can check out full details on the WotC web site.  Now remember, all of this hinges on WotC not getting nervous and discontinuing the Pokemon CCG before August.  I am sure they had plans for a Chainmail tournament at one time also.

Hordes of Chaos Interactive Map Unveiled
Games Workshop has just launched a new web page containing an interactive map of Realms of Chaos! Explore this little-known and blighted area of the Old World. This is a nice little Flash page with clickable locales.  As always, Games Workshop leads the way in giving us free stuff in a cool format.