Green Ronin to Arm Everyone

Green Ronin has struck a deal with Charles Ryan to publish a D20 version of his ground breaking Ultramodern Firearms.  Ultramodern Firearms was originally released by Chameleon Eclectic in 1993 but fell by the wayside when Chameleon Eclectic went under. The new edition will feature all manner of new and deadly weapons.  Green Ronin expect the D20 version to be just as good as the original.   “Since Charles is on the design team for d20 Modern,” adds Pramas, “the new mechanics will be impeccable.” Just in time for Christmas, you can gun down someone you love.

Games Workshop Wins the Battle
In their real life game of capture the flag, Games Workshop has recovered their standard, the Battle Wagon.  As you will remember the wagon was stolen from a motel parking lot last week.  Well the van has tuned up, but with no signs of the dastardly villains who swiped it in the first place.  This story is far from over.  Games Workshop is still offering a large reward to anyone who gives up these traitorous souls.  So inform now and avoid the rush.