Oh Crap, Something Else I Forgot To Post From Origins

At the talk Reiner Knizia gave on game design (I told a couple people I’d post my notes from his talk here, but he made a joke about how he didn’t have notes to give out himself, and if he did, he’d lie about it – that made me believe that he wouldn’t want them floating around the net), he showed the cover to the Sauron expansion for the Lord of the Rings board game. It says 3 to 6 players on the cover, whereas the core game and the Friends and Foes expansion say 2 to 5. Hmm… and the cover has a picture of the, um, those guys, the Dark Riders or something? Ringwraiths? Yeah, ringwraiths. So, it adds a player and it has ringwraiths in it. Do The Proverbial Math. (I admit I was only reminded of this by the FFG Rants page, which will further give it away for you.)