Few More Details On Simpsons CCG

The redoubtable ICv2 has a little more background. Garfield isn’t on the design team, but several WotC R&D longtimers are. This story seems to suggest that this game will be pitched more as geek bait than as mainstream crossover material, which may be appropriate for the audience the show has today. I worry, though – because that’s what I’m good at, okay? – that this will become some kind of embarrassing quote-fest where you get points for yelling things out on cue like an electrically stimulated paramecium. It’s not that I never quote anymore – I’ve even been known to quote Python still – but, like a lot of forms of geek humor, it doesn’t actually take much thought, you know? When I first realized how much of my brain was, from someone else’s perspective, occupied by pop culture, I resolved to start thinking of a few of my own things to say. But I’m probably worrying for nothing; no one’s going to remake the Austin Powers CCG or anything. Which I’ve never actually played, so I guess I shouldn’t bag on it. Whatever. I have peas.