Grey Ghost Press is Coming to Change your Game

Gamemastering Secrets Second Edition is at the printers.  Grey Ghost Press has been promised 100 copies of their gaming opus by the time GenCon opens in August. This is going to be a great for all you first time GMs, you can learn the craft from the masters at Grey Ghost Press.  For a look at the table of contents, cover art and more goodies, check out the official Gamemastering Secrets Second Edition web site.  Will this thing explain the particulars of running a Slaad Lord bordello?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Masters of Arms Previews from Second World Simulations
The nice folks at Second World Simulations have been nice enough to post a ZIP preview of their upcoming September release Master at Arms.  Filled with all kinds of new crunchy bits for your more violent characters, among other things Master at Arms introduces two new prestige classes ( the Dual Sai Master and the Crossbow Master) each with their own special way of smiting the more deserving monsters and bad guys.