New Jovian Source Book Back from the Printers

Dream Pod 9, makers of Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles, has announced that their new Jovian Chronicles book, Mars Planetbook, has arrived from the printers and we should be seeing it in stores soon.  If you haven’t checked out Jovian Chronicles yet, it’s worth your time.  Besides being a really cool science fiction game with Heinlein overtones, it has the only core rule book that suggests listening to Rush during game play.  There ought to be an Origins award for that.

Monte Cook has all kinds of new stuff on his web site this week
Monte Cook has updated his web site a few of his latest endeavors.

  • The Banewarrens is now being shipped to your local hangout.  The Banewarrens is a new epic adventure taking characters from 6th to 10th level.  Fight the Banes and defeat evil in this new PDF and print adventure.
  • Monte recently designed a few prestige classes for Dark Nebula and the Shadow Council Archives: Materia Magica.  Dark Nebula has them for free download on their site.