ENnies Award Winners Announced

On a stage near the donut vendor and the miniatures gaming room (pointing out again how inadequate this convention center has become for GenCon’s purposes), the first annual EN World d20 System Awards (or “ENnies”) were doled out before a crowd of industry members and gamers. Not too surprisingly, WotC came up the dominant winner. Here’s the award winners, in the order they were announced:

  • Best Adventure: If Thoughts Could Kill (Malhavoc Press)
  • Best Rules Supplement: Manual of the Planes (WotC)
  • Best Setting: Oriental Adventures (WotC)
  • Best d20 Game: Call of Cthulhu (WotC)
  • Best Setting Supplement: Freeport: City of Adventure (Green Ronin Publishing
  • Best Aid or Accessory: Dungeon Magazine/Polyhedron (WotC)
  • Best Free Product or Web Enhancement: Portable Hole Full of Beer (Ambient)
  • Best Fan Cartography: Freeport: City of Adventure (Green Ronin Publishing
  • Best Fan Resource Site: Star Wars RPG Network
  • Best Fan Campaign Site: Conan d20
  • Best Official Website: Wizards.com
  • Best Monster Supplement: Creature Collection 2 ((Sword & Sorcery)
  • Best Graphic Design & Layout: Call of Cthulhu d20 (WotC)
  • Best Cover Art: Lord of the Iron Fortress (WotC)
  • Best Interior Art: Deities & Demigods (WotC)
  • Best Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

    Ryan Dancey, who served as MC for much of the ceremony, was also given an award by Peter Adkison for his role in thinking up the whole d20 System in the first place.