Of Anti-Feats and Dwarves

Kenzer & Company had one of the nice big booths at the front of the GenCon exhibit hall. There was a long, winding table that displayed the various product lines from Fairy Meat to Hackmaster, and the traditional doodle wall, of course. The Villain Design Handbook for d20 was selling well, and when I learned of the “anti-feats” concept introduced therein (think flaws from GURPS, or hindrances from Deadlands), I was mildly tempted to pick one up. Of course, I’ve been wondering why someone didn’t do this sooner, so it would’ve been more an informational purchase than a “Dear god, I’ve got to have it!!” But I was pulled away by the sight of a boardgame being shown off near the doodle wall called Dwarven Dig. Coming in Spring ’03, the game touted itself as the “hard hitting, cave-smashing, grit-digging game of dwarves,” and several gamers were deeply engrossed in the experience. I’ll have to watch for that one, anti-feats or no.