Unlocking New Map Tools With Skeletonkey

Skeletonkey Games seemed to have fallen off my radar for a few months, but was out at GenCon pushing new items. Primary among these is Campaign Construction Paper, which is exactly what it sounds like: 20 sheets of paper made to look like gaming terrain, with movement squares built into the design. Ever wanted to cut out a random shape to have it represent the map? That’s exactly what Skeletonkey’s counting on. The first set, Caverns, will be out in early January 2003, and retail for $6.50.

Skeletonkey had some competition in the magnetic dungeon tile market this year, as Carnivorous Plant Games made its debut a mere two aisles away. CPG claimed to be “a little more durable,” while Skeletonkey was stating, “You can write on ours.” Which would I choose? Uh-uh, I’m not getting into this one. “My name’s Paul, and this is between y’all.”