New Online Store and Magic Cards from Games Workshop

Games Workshop has invited everyone to take a look at their new new online store for the US.  The new store front is as slick and professional looking as anything on the web.  GW has also posted some new magic cards in PDF.  These are little gifts from the WarHammer people, so you can print them out and not have to keep referring to the rule books all the time.  The new cards include Orcs and Goblins and detail random spells and help keep track of used and remaining spells.

Warriors of the Realms Needs You
A small press called Warriors of the Realms Press put out an all call for playtesters.  In a message posted to alt.binaries.e-books.rpg the editors say they need 200 G.M.s to playtest their new Warriors of the Realms RPG.  If you are interested drop them an email at: They used to have a web page but it seems to be down at the moment.