Steve Jackson Games to Stun the World!

Well that maybe an exaggeration, but Steve Jackson has announced on his site that they will be making a huge announcement Tuesday night.  The announcement will be made first on their three on-line magazines (Pyramid, Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, and their new D20 zine) but then everyone can check it out here.  I am pinning my hopes on a new Be a Member of the Bush Family RPG (I can’t tell you how long I have waited to play George W’s brother Neil).

Free Adventure Download from Tyranny Games
Tyranny Games has posted a new FREE adventure for their game The End.  The adventure is called Good Intentions and available in PDF.  In addition to the free adventure, you can get some nice character sheets, combat system charts, and skills charts on their download pageThe End is set in Biblical Judgement Day in the year 2006 (jeeze is it that close).

Henry Hill Has a Hit out on You
Citizen Games has picked up and begun work on what may be the coolest and questionably moral gaming license in recent memory.  This December, a game called Henry Hill’s MAFIA RPG will hit stores. The book will be based on the experiences of renowned mobster and federal squealer Henry Hill (subject of the Scorsese movie Goodfellas)  You’ll get to be a low level street thug or Paul Sorvino (big boss) and run any of the socially acceptable street rackets that have made the mob so popular these days. Since there is still a huge mob contract out on Hill’s life, I doubt if you could get this signed at your local con.