Two Towers Teaser from Games Workshop

This winter we get to see how much Peter Jackson is going to change to make The Two Towers an economic success for Hollywood (reportedly the naked Ents and the motorcycle chases at Helm’s Deep are quite eye catching).  This November, you can alter the course of Tolkien’s masterpiece in your spare time by playing the second installment of games from Games Workshop.  Today the nice folks at GW posted some really nice teaser pictures of the miniatures and box art for The Two Towers on their site.

More Savage Worlds Previews at Pinnacle
Pinnacle Entertainment has posted a PDF of important characters for their Savage Worlds adventure Hostile Climes: The Depths of Despair, a cryptic city at the bottom of a whirlpool!  This is just the first in a line of free conversions for the Savage Worlds game.  If Pinnacle keeps this up, people will be able to download enough Savage Worlds material to avoid buying the game.  That’s my kind of game company.