Unbidden Game Site Comes Online

Unbidden has gone live.  In anticipation of the release of the new game the company has launched a brief web site with information about the game. The game is described as: Unbidden is a role-playing game of horror predicated on street legend and myth (called urban lore in the book). It is perpetuated by a displaced people seeking a sense of mission.  Not much on the site yet, but keep your eyes open.

Monte Cook Shows You His
Monte Cook has updated his site with previews of Requiem for a God.  This 64 page book (to be on sale next week in PDF) is the first in Malhavoc Press‘s Event Book series.  These new books will offer up epic events to fit into your campaign and ideas on how to incorporate them naturally.  Sounds neat, be interesting see if it comes off.

Auran d20 Posts Sanctuary Trailer
Sanctuary, the forthcoming adventure from Auran D20 is previewed online with one of those slick new animated trailers they make now a days (all I ever got was a black and white ad in Pegasus #12). Designed for 4-6 characters of 4th level or so, Sanctuary takes place in a nice fantasy back water, always a nice place for an adventure to begin. When released, Sanctuary will be released with a bonus CD full of music and all manner of cool stuff.