Arkham? I don’t even know ‘um

Skotos Tech has announced an agreement that will bring Lovecraftian horror to online roleplaying. Under license from Chaosium, a design team has begun work on a new game entitled Lovecraft Country: Arkham by Night. Based in and around good old Miskatonic U. and the town of Arkham circa 1930, the brooding horror game will add special mechanics for dreaming and insanity to Skotos’ prose roleplaying style. Lovecraft Country is targeted for an early 2003 release. Any game that fools with a player’s perception of the game to simulate state of mind is worth a look, I think.

SnarfQuest D20: ‘Cuz you know you want it
On November 1st, be on the lookout for the return of Larry Elmore‘s classic comic strip from the pages of Dragon Magazine, the one and only SnarfQuest. Only this time, Snarf, Telerie and the gang will have stats. Yep, the SnarfQuest D20 Worldbook is soon to show up at stores near you, allowing for that telepathic death leech your game was lacking to finally arrive. Designers Jamie Chambers and Tony Lee have insured the Worldbook will come standard with all the usual goodies a D20 gamer looks for: new feats, skills, and Prestige Classes. I’d tell you more about the 64 page book, but the PDF preview on the site doesn’t seem to be working. Best left to the imagination, perhaps.