Blackmoor Rises from the Depths

Before there was Greyhawk or Dungeons & Dragons there was Dave Arneson and his Blackmoor Campaign. While some people will claim that D&D was conceived and created by just one person (someone with the initials GG), the impact of Dave Arneson can never be discounted and the significance of Blackmoor cannot be overlooked. Blackmoor was a campaign Arneson ran in the early 70’s and was included in the original D&D white box set from TSR. Now Dave’s master creation is coming to D20. Dave’s Zeitgeist Games is going to publish the converted sourcebook, and although no date has been set for the first book to be published, you can bet it is going to be a great day for the RPG world. If you cannot wait that long, you can download a PDF of the original book from Dave’s expansive site.