This is going to cut into my Transformers budget

JoyRide Studios displayed their new line of Mechwarrior toys at the 2002 International Model & Hobby Expo in Rosemont, Illinois this weekend. Although both hefty and pricey, they do look sharp. The folks at JoyRide even included the parts to convert your Forestry Mech into the Forestry Mech MOD.

This one’s for all the Grognards out there…
Multiman Publishing, the savior of Avalon Hill wargames, has a full plate of goodies lined up for the faithful in the months to come. Advanced Squad Leader has a new in preorder. The Great Campaigns of the Civil War series has a new set of standardized rules available for download. And for those of us who are old enough to remember life before Pokemon, Panzerblitz II and a CCG version of Up Front are in development.