Cross-licensed Settings for EABA & Action Exploits

We just received this tidbit from Brett at PI Games: “BTRC and Politically Incorrect Games have reached a cross-licensing agreement to release settings for their respective universal rpg systems, EABA and Action Exploits Diceless Roleplaying.” Okay, so what are they? Well, Action Exploits is a free diceless RPG system from PI Games coming out soon (a pre-release of the core rules will be available by the end of this month). The government conspiracies and UFOs of BTRC’s CORPS setting will be translated to the Action Exploits system to get players started on the fun. EABA is a “realistic, heroic, fast, flexible” generic RPG system that can be entirely “Internet-based and computer-friendly.” The rules even have conversion notes to cross over to GURPS. The setting of PI Games’ The Colonies will cross the system barrier, allowing EABA players to free Earth from alien occupation with their psionics, biotech, and off-world militia. Both systems will be in electronic format only, so fire up the modem when you hear they’ve arrived.