More on the Return of

More on the Return of Battlefleet Gothic
Games Workshop has added some additional details regarding the relaunch of Battlefleet Gothic. The new Battlefleet Gothic box set includes a rulebook and 8 plastic multi-part Imperial and Chaos Cruisers which can assembled into a variety of different spaceship types. It also includes dice, rulers, counters to represent celestial phenomenon, weapons fire, torpedoes, fighters and bombers, labels for naming your ships, fleet registration sheets, and everything else needed to get playing right out of the box. In addition to the box, GW is releasing Invasion. Invasion will include scenarios, painting tips and WarHammer 40K scenarios to be used with Battlefleet Gothic. After the release of the box set, GW will be releasing new miniatures from Citadel. As always, Games Workshop is known for giving up lots of web only freebies, so keep your eyes open. You can also expect to see more games from GW make their way back into stores soon (stuff like Mordheim, Inquisitor, and Warmaster). Check out the press release for more details.