New PDF at the Iron

New PDF at the Iron Crown Site
Emer Book I: Haestra, The Northwest has been added as a color PDF download from the Iron Crown Enterprises site. The new 132 page book includes:

  • A detailed timeline
  • A large section devoted to the realms of Haestra
  • Info on the Changramai Warrior-monk College, the Eight orders of the Old Empire, & other powerful groups & individuals
  • New info on secret places
  • Beast & NPC charts
  • 6 maps detailing the region for the GM, with secret places, and many features not on the PC map
  • Four city maps: Aquitar, the Port of Izar, Artha, and Sarnak, city of the Amazons
    ICE has also added a PDF addendum to Fire and Ice. Check them both out on the ICE site.