Necromancer Games Gives Up the

Necromancer Games Gives Up the Good Stuff
The benevolent forces at Necromancer Games have blessed the gaming community with their own contribution to open gaming content. The nice folks at Necromancer have posted the Original Spell Name Compendium, a list of converted spell names for use by anyone in the industry. Why have they done this? Well here is what I understand. Some time ago, Wizards of the Coast removed spells featuring the names of famous NPC’s (that’s an odd concept) from available open content. The result of this is D20 publishers are left to cope with how to refer to major spells whose names they can no longer use. Well Necromancer has published a 20 page PDF with new spell names and descriptions. Kind of confusing, but very nice. Before you download the list, take a look at the legal stuff here.