Dragonlance Has Offspring

Today Wizards of the Coast announced a partnership with Sovereign Press to produce supplements for a new Dragonlance campaign setting. The new Dragonlance Campaign Setting hardcover rulebook will be written by Margaret Weis and Don Perrin. The core rulebook will be published by WotC and Weis and Perrin will also write Dragonlance novels (also for WotC). Sovereign Press has licensed the rights to publish accessories and supplements for the Dragonlance Campaign Setting. Sovereign Press is owned by Weis and Perrin and looks do do much of the follow through on the game (hopefully avoiding the Wheel of Time debacle). There are plans to produce a trilogy of novels set in Taladas, a continent on the Dragonlance world. Margaret Weis states: “One of the reasons that Sovereign Press was chosen to bring out the Dragonlance d20 RPG is that we have demonstrated with Sovereign Stone that we can successfully develop a complete campaign world, with support product, set within the d20 System(tm). The Sovereign Stone product line has been incredibly successful, as evidenced by a fourth printing of the Campaign Sourcebook.”
The whole SHEBANG is set to be released in summer 2003. Look for more to come.