Steer-ing Toward Battle Cattle: Third Edition

Okay, no more puns in this post. I promise.

Because the world demanded it, Wingnut Games just announced plans for Battle Cattle: Third Edition. The new, revised rules will include “more cow breeds, weapons, modifications and accessories” equalling 48 pages of bovine combat fun. The book will arrive this December at a price of $17.95, and will also include a full color pasture battlefield and full color “cow chips” (no, that’s Aldo’s pun, not mine, so it doesn’t count) to assist the poor souls that ‘t already have the latest Battle Cattle minis. What could possibly make this book better? The fact that Colin Adams, OgreCave’s own excellent artist, is doing the full-color cover. I’ve seen a rough draft of it while peeking over his shoulder, and quite frankly, this book is going to look awesome.