Battle Grid Deluxe Arrives from

Battle Grid Deluxe Arrives from ZenoGames
ZenoGames has done us all a great favor and released a Battle Grid Deluxe Edition. Included in the new edition are miniatures of a bunch of armies:

  • WWI US Army Doughboys
  • WWI German Infantry “Huns”
  • WWI British Infantry
  • Chinese Boxers 1900
  • British Army – Boxer Rebellion 1900
  • Egyptian Army – 1882
  • British Army – 1882
  • French Knights
  • Union Infantry
  • Confederate Infantry
  • British Infantry – 1776
    and more.
    It also includes the Battle Grid Board Game. With this one simple system you can wage any type of historical war your blood lust desires. Ready..Set…WAR!