Mutants & Masterminds Skips d20 Logo

This just in: Green Ronin Publishing has announced that Mutants & Masterminds, the upcoming superhero RPG, will be released under the Open Game License only. Yes folks, this means the d20 logo will not be on the cover (though the book will still use the d20 System). “The game was so close to being complete on its own,” said Green Ronin President Chris Pramas, “that we decided to go for it and let Mutants & Masterminds’ quality speak for itself.” This decision allows GR to include all the necessary rules for a stand-alone RPG, with character creation, powers, and other goodies. This will be the first time a non-fantasy d20 RPG has foregone the d20 License and logo recognition.

So what else should we watch for in this hardcover, 192-page, full-color beauty? Author Steve Kenson will do his best to wow us with the game’s point-based character creation, with Feats and Super Feats, with more than 100 powers, an intro adventure, and a “streamlined system that requires only one die, a d20, to play.” The hero templates sound pretty sweet, too: Battlesuit, Elemental, Gadgeteer, Martial Artist, Metamorph, Mimic, Mystic, Original (huh?), Powerhouse, Psychic, Speedster, and Totem. There’s sure be something for everyone. Mutants & Masterminds arrives in October (read: pretty damn soon) with a price tag of $32.95.