How Many Hit Points Does a 4th Level Bum Have?

Well this is just the kind of exciting information that can be gleaned from the new PDF release by ., Everybody Else. For all those times when you need a quick NPC to fill in a hole in the adventure, Everybody Else has 80 NPC professions and 320 stat blocks. Here is how the company describes its value…Getting hassled by the tax collector? PLONK… level 3 Expert with all the right skills and stats for being a tax collector coming right up. Players decide to complain about the tax collector to the local constabulary? PLONK… level 5 warrior with the right skills and stats for the town guard at your service… Time to go over his head and take matters up with the prince? PLONK… first you have to work your way past the level 1 and level 7 seneschals that run the palace before you can meet… PLONK… the level 5 aristocrat (idle noble) that supposedly runs this town that the players were only supposed to be in to restock their rations… Check out all the specifics and a nice preview of the new cover at the webiste.