Cartoon Action Hour demo online

Spectrum Game Studios and Z-Man Games have announced a free demo of Cartoon Action Hour (the 1980s action cartoon RPG, for those of you playing our home game). There’s two parts to the demo, the Playset and Action Pack #1, which can both be downloaded from Spectrum’s freebie page. Here’s what you’ll be getting into:

The Playset presents all the core rules for playing Cartoon Action Hour. From action checks to combat, it’s all right here.

Action Pack #1 gives you everything you need to play Cartoon Action Hour in the Warriors of the Cosmos series — five customizable character templates, information about the setting, a complete episode (i.e., adventure), Game Mastering advice and stats for five exclusive all-new villains!

There are two more Action Packs planned, for the Transbots series (I bet there’s more than meets the eye to those guys) and the Dark Brigade series, so watch for those in the months ahead. Meanwhile, get to playing, and watch for the print version of CAH to arrive early next year from Z-Man.