MEG sends taste of Sands of Pain and Dry Lands

Mystic Eye Games was nice enough to send over some story teasers from two of MEG’s D20 products: Interludes: Sands of Pain (in stores now) and Dry Lands (coming this Dec/Jan). From what Hal Greegberg told me a while back, Sands of Pain serves as the connection between the city of Bluffside and the Dry Lands. Here’s the first part of the story teaser. Click the link at the end for the whole thing.

Designer Digest #1

Dune Wyrm, Cousin or Abomination?

When the Great Dragon taught our ancestors the secret arts of preservation, he meant to preserve us, his most perfect children, from the scourge of ice set upon us by the other gods. They were afraid that, should we continue to flourish as we had, we would spread across the world, dominating all races—that we would come to rule over their children. […]

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