Sword & Sorcery to bring back Gamma World

Just when you thought you’d never see Gamma World again, and began mourning the loss of your mutants, Sword & Sorcery Studios announces that it has gained the rights from WotC to bring Gamma World back in a new form. The new edition (and subsequent game line) will be for D20 Modern, and guided by Origins Award winner Bruce Baugh. Here’s a taste of the press release:

The new edition of Gamma World completely reinterprets the classic sci-fi setting from the ground up. The elements remaining from the previous concept will have a new spin from a 21st-century perspective, and new ideas play a prominent role in the game’s premise – including details on genetic research, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and more.

The return of the classic sci-fi RPG will begin with the Gamma World Player’s Handbook next summer, with additional supplements backing it up shortly thereafter.