New, improved Star Wars TCG with 80% less cringing!

That’s right, kids: you might not have noticed, but WotC‘s new-ish Star Wars card game now has starter decks and boosters of A New Hope – cards drawn entirely from the first film (albeit the special edition), not the crap with the teen idol and the Marriage of (*choke* *gasp*) Destiny. Pay no attention to their out-of-date web page! A New Hope is available in your local store, or at least in my local store. But you shouldn’t all go there. Crowding.

Oh, oh – I forgot to add an important detail. In the boosters I picked up, there’s a card called Preemptive Shot. It has Han Solo and Greedo on it. It has a laser bolt on it. The laser bolt is coming from Solo’s blaster. And the card is called Preemptive Shot. That’s right! Fie on you, Lucas and your meddling, says Wizards of the Coast! Big props to the development team for that one. Han shot first, dammit.