Things Just Get Eldritchier

Not only has Book of Eldritch Might III: The Nexus just been released to an excellent response, but Monte Cook’s Malhavoc Press has also completed a free patch upgrade for the original Book of Eldritch Might. What does the patch include? Well, according to the Malhavoc website, you can expect:

  • Re-edited text in a printer-friendly layout
  • A redesigned cover to compliment others in the Malhavoc product line
  • Brian LeBlanc’s illustrations from the print version, along with most of the original PDF’s artwork by The Unseelie Court
  • Added Eldritch Might material from Monte’s website: the spell lists and random rune generator already featured in the print edition

Those who own the original BoEM PDF can grab the free patch at RPGNow and, as of yesterday, anyone buying the electronic BoEM will get the updated version which won’t require a patch.