Mongoose to produce Conan and Lone Wolf RPGs

This morning, Matthew Sprange sent out the following announcement on the Mongoose Publishing email list:

Mongoose Publishing is proud to announce the acquisition of the Conan licence, to be released in January 2004 (I said it was for the future!). We have the entire vista of Conan and his world at our disposal for this game, including novels, films and comics, so it is going to be a real cracker. I really cannot say too much about the game at this time, as it really is in the very earliest stages of development, but I heard a rumour that Ian Sturrock, the gentleman responsible for the Slaine RPG, will be the principle designer behind Conan.

If that were not enough, Mongoose Publishing is _very_ proud to have acquired the licence to (finally!) produce the Lone Wolf RPG, based on the gamebooks of Joe Dever. Fans of Magnamund have been waiting a very long time to get their hands on an RPG detailing their favourite setting and, in the third quarter of 2003, they will have their chance! Here at Mongoose, we are very keen fans of the gamebooks ourselves, having spent a lot of our own RPG learning curve on them, so we are dedicated to making this an absolute corker of an RPG. Mr Joe Dever had this to say with regards to the new game:

“I am very pleased to be collaborating with Mongoose Publishing on this exciting Lone Wolf RPG project. I have every confidence that they will produce a superlative series of D20-based rule and sourcebooks. Not only will they delight the legions of loyal Lone Wolf fans the world over, they will also introduce a whole new generation of RPG’ers to the wonders of Magnamund and the Kai.”

The most observant among you will remember that, some time ago, I mentioned that Mongoose had acquired a major licence that a lot of gamers would be very interested in. Perversely, it is neither Conan nor Lone Wolf and, though it is due to be released in May next year, I still cannot mention it at this time, due to contractual reasons – very frustrating! However, I am hoping the gag will be removed very soon, so look for another announcement – I have a feeling you will like this one.

So, to reiterate: Mongoose will be bringing us the Lone Wolf RPG in the fall of 2003, Conan in January 2004, and an unspecified project in May of next year.