Final update from Hogshead Publishing

To answer the many questions gamers have about the fate of its products, Hogshead Publishing has posted a short FAQ. Much of the details were already revealed in official press releases and our exclusive interview with James Wallis. However, the announcement of Fires of Creation, the first Nobilis supplement to come from the game’s new home at , is certainly worth noting (the core rulebook will be reprinted as well). A few other items were mentioned, which I’ll quote here:

  • The various New Style titles are once again the property of their original creators, to do with as they want.
  • Bloodlust is lost in limbo. All the translation work on the French supplements has been completed for years but the editing and layout is still with the freelancer concerned, who has declined to send us copies of any part of the game. Therefore, although we’d like to pass the rights to another publisher, we’ve got literally nothing we can show them to convince them it’s a kick-ass game, plus we have no guarantee that this guy will ever come through with the material he started work on more than three years ago. I mean, we don’t even have a guarantee that he’s done the work he claims. And technically our contract with Asmodee/Siroz in France expired more than a year ago. So it looks like it’s dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, and you can have no idea how sorry I am about that, no idea at all.
  • FRUP will now never appear, unless someone is prepared to pay me a stupid amount of money to complete it, for values of ‘stupid’ of at least five figures. Sterling.

Such is the aftermath of a major RPG company shutting down.