Cookie Fu attacks dice game market

Dice games can either be great fun (like Diceland) or uninspired. Or worse yet, collapse under their own weight, like the collectible dice games Dragon Dice and Dice Master. Entering this treacherous arena is new company Blue Kabuto with Cookie Fu!, “the collectible dice game of Kung Fu combat.” Here’s a bit of the product blurb:

With Cookie Fu, YOU build your best fighter. As you win you will raise in rank and experience adding new dice to your fighter and expanding the range of moves you can make! Will your Dragon Style Kung Fu be a match against your opponents Mantis Style? Fight it out!

A starter set of Cookie Fu! will go for $8.99 and include 5 dice, the rules, and “a secret fortune cookie.” A booster pack of 3 dice (and a cookie) will go for $5.99. Two expansions are already planned, and the cookies will contain “a secret Cookie Fu maneuver which is random and collectible!” Well, I have to say I’m intrigued, but a bit worried about all the usual CCG buzzwords.