Games Workshop does the ol’ bend-over-geeks

Net retailer The War Store has the scoop on impending price increases from GW. A box of ten plastic marines will now run you three dollars a model. The quality’s high and everything, but really. GW fans always complain, but when will the rising price of core GW games affect their momentum? Weigh in below. We promise to be good.


  1. I have been following the threads on some of the local gaming Yahoo groups, and various fan websites…and while people sure aren’t happy, they aren’t going to stop buying either. In fact, many ran out and “stocked” up on stuff while it was “cheap.” Sigh…score one for GW. Boost Q1 sales by having the marketplace buy while they can…then buy some more later, anyway.

    Capitalism at it’s finest?

  2. I love their products and hate the company. I used to buy GW, exclusively. Now I supplement other products over 50% of the time. I understand the argument about quality; I’m a former winner of 2 golden demon plaques. There are others out there, though, that are just as good now. Some of their best sculptors and painters have left them. Hogshead wrapped up. Jervis Johnson seems to be one of the few great ones sticking it out(through Fanatic). I will continue to play the dozen GW games I have collected over the past years but my future dollars will most likely go to others. For me it’s about fun. And let’s face it, there are others that can provide it at a far more reasonable price…It’s not a boycott, it’s just the way it is.

  3. Can anyone suggest inexpensive alternatives to GW? I’m looking for plastic figures (class fantasy races – elves, dwarves, orcs, etc.), a price point of $1 or less per figure, and comparable quality.

  4. For Plastics GW might not be that bad. The cheapest I have ever picked up figs is by purchasing a copy of Milton Bradley’s Battle Masters. At least 90 plastic figs. There are 16 listings on e-bay, 12 of which are currently under $20(less than .25/fig). GW designed. GW can still be a good deal for plastics that are all the same, especially if purchased through someone like
    Another option for single plastic figs is Also GW designs. They typically gouge you the worst on the single metal figs.
    Hope this helps.

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