Mummy Warriors and All Sorts of Things

Crocodile Games, maker of the ultra cool Egyptian style miniatures game War Gods of Aegyptus, has posted a new release schedule for their line of Egyptian Gods miniatures.

  • January 1st — Asar (including the awesome new Asar Spearman Unit by Todd Harris, and other Characters).
  • February 1st — Eater of the Dead (including an awesome Mummy Warrior Unit by Ben Siens, and more Crypt Lords!)
  • March 1st — Basti (including the highly-anticipated Basti Archer Unit, as well as a Harbinger and Hero)

    If you have not taken a look at this game, check out the the site, where you can see some of their miniatures and download the first chapter of the rulebook in PDF.
    They have also added a new convention schedule, a painters’ gallery, and more. Check it out.