Oh, for god’s sake: WotC to publish NeoPets CCG

What do you do when your trendy card game based on a trendy TV show sinks as trends inevitably do, taking with it the value of all that inventory you printed back when you thought everything would keep on growing? Base your next game on a theoretically trendy kids’ website, of course. Do numbers like “45 million accounts” sound inflated to anyone else? I mean, how many of those still log in ever? And if this card game crashes and burns (can you tell what my money’s on?), won’t it just be that much longer before major entertainment corporations consider the Web a viable source of new creative properties? Looks like a lose-lose deal if you ask me. Maybe Hasbro is making WotC into its redshirt: “you go first, brave little subsidiary. We’ll follow with a full line of plush toys! *cough*If you survive.*cough*”