Warmachine gets tuneup before leaving factory floor

This wouldn’t be news, but a friend who now calls himself a former 40K player gave the previous version of the Warmachine Quick Start rules two big thumbs up. (I should clarify that it isn’t this game that made him a former 40K player… it’s 40K that made him a former 40K player. But yeah.) He’s now played the revised Quick Start rules and he loves it even more. He plays it with Warhammer Fantasy figures and 40K dreadnaughts; I think I might try it with MK Dungeons guys and some Powerpuff Girls pencil sharpeners I got. That’s right, the rules are a free download, making further expenditure at least a little bit optional – but leadheads I know are drooling over the Warmachine leads proper. The starter boxes should be in stores by the end of the month.