Steve Jackson Doesn't Acquire Issaries

No, he never announced he was acquiring Issaries; we heard it that way first, then we actually checked, and, well, here: so yesterday, we heard here at the con that Greg Stafford had left the country. Or, actually, he hasn’t left yet, but it’s funnier that way. He’s preparing to spend a year or so teaching English abroad, possibly in Mexico. Today, we learned that he has , who will distribute existing Hero Wars books effective immediately, and put their logo alongside Issaries’ on future Hero Wars and HeroQuest books. 24 hours ago, it maybe wasn’t looking so good for HeroQuest making it out there in the near future, but this move makes sense – I’m surprised we don’t see more deals in paper gaming that are this similar to the kind of developer-and-publisher arrangements you see in video gaming. What do you think: triumphant return, or first step on the road to GURPS Glorantha?


  1. Marketing and distribution are publishing details. Publishing details are defined as all the stuff that isn’t related to making the game. At least in my fervid little mind. Sorry I wasn’t more clear.

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