Preliminary Babylon 5 RPG schedule

February 25th, 2003: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Preliminary Babylon 5 RPG schedule

Mongoose has decided to further stimulate your salivary glands with a tentative schedule of Babylon 5 RPG releases. At least one release is planned per month, starting the same time as the main rulebook’s release in May. Here’s the quick rundown of anticipated products, and you can click the “Read more” link for the details:

  • Babylon 5 Roleplaying Game Main Rulebook (May)
  • The Fiery Trial (May)
  • The Coming of Shadows (June)
  • The Earth Alliance (July)
  • The Minbari Federation (August)
  • Point of No Return (September)
  • The Centauri Republic (October)
  • The Narn Regime (November)

    Looks like they’ll be keeping my wallet busy this year.

    Mongoose press release follows:


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