Green Ronin goes mental

Green Ronin has just added two psionic-related d20 supplements to their product schedule for the summer. Monsters of the Mind will present 64 pages of psionic beasties written by Kevin Brennan, James Maliszewski, Morgan Peer, and Tracey Peer. More than 50 creatures will crawl out of the book, along with notes on using the beasts in Naranjan, the setting detailed in Mindshadows, which I’ll get to in a second. Monsters arrives in June for $14.95.

Mindshadows will follow in July with 128 pages on “the distant island-continent of Naranjan,” Green Ronin’s third book in the Mythic Vistas series. Written by Kevin Brennan and James Maliszewski, Mindshadows “blends the rich legends of Southeast Asia with furious martial arts action inspired by the Psionics Handbook.” New feats, psionic powers, and of course prestige classes will all serve to round out this psionic-themed setting. Mindshadows will hit you up for a reasonable $22.95.