Dream Pod 9 goes OGL, sort of, confusing area journalist

You know what really chaps my business? When people report about the OGL as if “OGL” means “that system that WotC released under the OGL and makes available under additional rules as the D20 System.” The OGL is just a set of terms! Under which anyone can distribute content! Get off my lawn, you moist, squishy disease-carriers! For clarification, I went to DP9’s excellent FAQ on their new world order; while they will be relaunching all their roleplaying lines with dual-system core books (using d20 stuff under the OGL, not D20, license), their own Silhouette system is not being OGLed. (Hey, that sounds cool. OGLed.) Instead, the Silhouette CORE Rules are their own book, and all the new Player’s Handbooks will go with it. The recent relaunch of Tribe 8 is already dual-statted.