Simpsons CCG and D&D big-atures hit this fall

No, they didn’t kill the Simpsons game. That’s about all the new info on that, but there was a big burst of new intel on the upcoming prepainted, randomized D&D Miniatures game. The big shocker is that these figs will not be standard 25mm scale like MK and, well, all the leads you own, but will be 40 to 65mm in scale. Some of the products claim to “expand any collection of D&D miniatures,” though, so who knows, maybe the catalog stuff is just unclear. If true, though, we’re looking at lots of pissed-off gamers.


  1. Actually, it seems that the really poor editing people of Wotc have committed a very bad typo. The miniatures are NOT 40-60mm in scale.

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