WotC makes weird-ass DVD solo adventure

At their GTS presentation for D&D 3.5, WotC announced Scourge of Worlds, a computer-animated DVD set in Greyhawk. Viewers will use DVD menus to choose the path of the story at 20 different points, leading to one of four endings. It streets on June 10th. “We took some pictures as the movie played as you’ll see below.” Right, well, if that’s the case, I hope the final version looks less like a PowerPoint document.


  1. I don’t know if NOT being there may be a good thing. Is it me or are they unprepared for GAMA 2003? Rhode Island Chucky have better get the company back in shape, now that he’s the Prez. That is not a Coca-Cola corporate building.

  2. I’ve heard from those who attended their first-hand accounts of meeting the WotC representatives at GTS 2003. They say the company-hosted dinner event was boring and quick. Their presentation looks dull. The new President Chuck Heubner was having problem mispronouncing words and names on his scripted speech (sounds like he finally met the company he’s supposed to run and his subordinates after coming from Rhode Islands). The new miniatures package contain a typo (“40mm-60mm”) that caught WotC reps surprised and angry… Despite all of that, things ran smoothly. (Yeah, right.)

  3. for my part I thought the presentation was dryly presented but interesting on the whole. but luckily they provided breakfast and promos. 🙂 I have a copy of the scourge world promo and it runs very nicely thank you and is anything but a powerpoint presentation. It’s similar in feel to animation in that CGA starship trooper’s show. content wise it’s pretty good, I chuckled a couple of times.

    anyways. not a total los and WOTC seems to have a cohesive plan for both 3.5, their mini line and the general day to day business of the well… business.

    time will tell.

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