Green Ronin burns mad scientist alive

March 25th, 2003: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Green Ronin burns mad scientist alive

Actually, they won’t get him till June. Allan’s casual observation at GTS was that everyone seems to want to get into (non-trading) card games, and if that’s true, Green Ronin is evidently no exception. Expenses are higher than in the D20 market, but it looks like that market’s pretty dry right now. Will this market stay strong? I can tell you right now, I predict that in a year’s time there will be way too many dungeon- and swords-and-sorcery-themed standalone card games, and none of them will be making money anymore. There may be way too many already in fact. Some are still decent though (I’m about half done with my Dungeoneer review; hopefully it’ll be ready next week).


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