Green Ronin burns mad scientist alive

Actually, they won’t get him till June. Allan’s casual observation at GTS was that everyone seems to want to get into (non-trading) card games, and if that’s true, Green Ronin is evidently no exception. Expenses are higher than in the D20 market, but it looks like that market’s pretty dry right now. Will this market stay strong? I can tell you right now, I predict that in a year’s time there will be way too many dungeon- and swords-and-sorcery-themed standalone card games, and none of them will be making money anymore. There may be way too many already in fact. Some are still decent though (I’m about half done with my Dungeoneer review; hopefully it’ll be ready next week).


  1. Umm….I’m trying to think. Are there any other sword and sorcery (non-collectible) card games? Not counting the funny games, Dungeoneer is the only one I have seen.

  2. Thing is, most non-collectible card games try to be funny. Dungeoneer has a fair amount of humor in it too. Anyway, there’s Drakon, and now Cave Troll, there’s Hack, and there’s that Crypt thing which is technically both collectible and themed around Egyptian stuff but feels much the same… it feels like the first thing that many different people have tried to do. I could be wrong.

  3. Drakon and Cave Troll are board games. Hack is a humor game. Crypt is a collectible board game.

    None of them are like Dungeoneer.

  4. Snarfquest is also a humor game and is nothing like any of the games listed. It doesn’t use map tiles.

  5. The Z-Man games, Cannibal Pygmies in the Jungle of Doom and Grave Robbers from OuUter Space are a certified hoot.

  6. Saying that Crypt is a collectible board game and not a card game is buying into the marketing text to the highest degree. Just because the collectible pieces aren’t traditional card shapes doesn’t mean they aren’t cards. And as for the gameplay, was Tomb Raider a board game just because the cards were placed on the table and little Lara figs moved from one to the next? No. Neither is Crypt. An enjoyable game, yes, but still a card game, no matter what they say.

  7. And I’m sorry, but saying that Drakon is nothing like Dungeoneer is hair-splitting of the highest caliber. Dungeoneer is great, but how many tile-laying games and/or dungeon-crawl games can there be before the entire industry collapses in on itself like an extradimensional octopus that hasn’t had any planets to eat lately?

  8. Guter, I was responding to the initial question of “Are there any other sword and sorcery (non-collectible) card games?” How you read the word “tile” in that is beyond me. I will agree with you on the humor category. After all it is based on a comic strip. But the gameplay is not as over the top as the comic. Groo would be another one. Based on a funny idea but not as funny when played.

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